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As managed by VicRoads:

The Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) is a scheme for the certification of modified, imported, and individually constructed vehicles in Victoria. Participants in VASS are able to issue an Approval Certificate for registration purposes in Victoria.

To obtain an Approval Certificate you will need to engage the services of a VASS Signatory authorised to certify the class of modification or vehicle for which you need the certificate.

A VASS Signatory who provides an Approval Certificate must:

  •  Personally inspect the vehicle;
  •  Ensure all work, including any modifications, are correctly carried out; and,
  •  Certify that the vehicle complies with the applicable standards.

The VicRoads Copy of the Approval Certificate must be presented, together with the vehicle, at a VicRoads Registration and Licensing Office for registration, or to have its description changed. If the vehicle is to be registered, the usual supporting documentation will also need to be supplied.

Do you require a VASS Certificate? See our PDF document which lists the codes & modifications that require a Vass Certificate prior to Registration in the State of Victoria for Heavy Vehicles in the NA, NB1, NB2, NC, TD Categories.


Note: VicRoads cannot accept an Approval Certificate more than 30 days after the date of issue. However, this time period can be extended for modified Heavy Vehicles, provided the vehicle has not travelled more than 1000 km after the certificate is issued.


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