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As of the 10th of February 2014, all vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM rating that use the public roads are now under the full direction of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). All states have agreed to this except Western Australia.

The NHVR is the main government department responsible for all laws to do with heavy vehicles. Vehicles less than 4.5 tonne GVM are not controlled by the NHVR; please refer to the relevant State Authorities.

For all information to do with heavy vehicles please go to their website: www.nhvr.gov.au The national road laws are changing for heavy vehicles, this includes items like:

  • Vehicle permits
  •  Road Access
  •  Road laws
  •  Driver fatigue
  •  Duties & responsibilities of vehicle owners & operators of chain of responsibilities
  •  PBS
  •  National Laws
  •  Plenties
  •  Heavy Mass Management & maintenance
  •  On - Road compliance & Enforcement
  •  Vehicle Standards & Modifications

If you have modified your vehicle, you can still engage a Vass Signatory to inspect & issue certificates & modification plates. Provided that your modified vehicle is issued a certificated by a registered signatory in Victoria, it will be accepted by other states.

Do you require a VASS Certificate? See our PDF document which lists the codes & modifications that require a Vass Certificate prior to Registration in the State of Victoria for Heavy Vehicles in the NA, NB1, NB2, NC, TD Categories.


Page last updated on 10 August 2017.


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